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In San Antonio, we make living an art form. At ESA, we know that our big city is a small town and more than ever we are defining ourselves as a community. 

At ADI Media, we know that we are not successful unless our clients are successful. That is why we are delivering a unique marketing tool for our advertisers through print and digital products that is unlike any other. 


ESA is a celebration of who we are as a community - an up and coming, tech driven, 300 year young city. ESA captures and embraces this progressive and sophisticated lifestyle in each our issues. It is the go-to source for the affluent and influential, on where to go and what to do in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. It is the most reputable source for local recommendations on the best of everything in the city from dining and shopping to culture and nightlife. Featuring the newest chefs, wine hot spots, home and architecture, art and event news, ESA has something for everyone. 


Built on the shoulders of ADI Media’s rich history of 28 years in the publishing and advertising business, ESA will provide the advertisers with innovative ways to tell their story and extend their brand. Recognized as one of the top publishers in the nation for many years, ADI Media is a pro at creating products that are sought after by both the consumer and the business community while creating strong returns for the advertisers. 

It has never been more important to deliver rich meaningful experiences for both our readers and advertisers. At ESA, our goal is to bring together consumers and sellers with deeper experiences through digital, mobile, social, and print. 



Deep in the heart of Texas is a city exploding with state of the art tech and new business and Explore San Antonio is here to capture it all! Explore Houston has been a go-to resource for Houston for two decades, and we are excited to introduce you to a beautiful new format that has all the qualities our readers came to love as well as exciting new features, right here in San Antonio. Where we connect the residents of our community through a quarterly full color upscale magazine filled with dozens of articles that highlight the high-end lifestyle we are growing to love. Featuring award winning graphics and state-of-the-art print distribution, with first-class mailing and to the door hand delivery. Beyond print, each issue is complimented with monthly email campaigns, social media distribution, esamagazine.com and a mobile app, Explore San Antonio is a progressive advertising concept with a modern take on lavish San Antonio Living.

EXCITE! San Antonio is alive with an energy all it’s own, and Explore San Antonio captures that through vivid photography and complete coverage of all the happenings in and around town. From sports to fitness, coverage includes a full calendar of events of all that is happening in San Antonio. You will find business mixers, mommy meet-ups, college and professional sports, wineries, fishing spots, the list goes on and it’s all inside these pages.


ENGAGE! This is your go to guide for ritzy life in San Antonio. Whether you’re a native San Antonian or just moving in, Explore San Antonio has something for you. Newcomers can find details on schools, setting up home utilities, and even registering to vote. There are fabulous tips for party planning with an affluent flair, decorating, wedding planning, and more. While our children’s section, will have a detailed list of events for the little ones as well as mother’s day out programs and where to go for an extravagant family outing. You’ll even know the best place to take your dog along while you enjoy an afternoon meal at plush dog friendly restaurants.


ENTICE! Nothing says living in Texas more than our fine dining. So look for our dining section that will feature opulent treasures of our area, including where to find the best authentic Mexican you’ve ever tasted. But hey, Mexican is just the beginning! San Antonio is so rich with culture you’ll find fabulous food offerings from Cajun to Vietnamese and everything in between. Plus find full coverage of food events, which restaurants are child friendly and more! And for those of you that would just like stay in for the night, the recipes section will feature delicious Texas tapas your family will love. In each issue you’ll also discover a local community hero that tirelessly works to make the place we live so much better.


EXPLORE! San Antonio and you’ll find a publication just like the one that has won over the hearts of Houstonians for the last 20 years. We’ve grown with our readers, and partnering with this great city, consistently listening to their needs, adding and updating content to stay relevant and intriguing. So enjoy a copy, sip a cocktail and stay a while.



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